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是什么让古代酒业有限公司与其他公司不同呢?原因在我们的专业水平大大领先与其他公司,还有我们所提供的葡萄酒的数量之多以及向客户提供的服务也与其他公司完全不同。在中国的其它地方你绝对不能找到类似可以匹敌的!在美国和中国近 20 年的葡萄酒行业经验,我们有最好的资源,可以满足您所有的需求,无论大小.


A.精品葡萄酒投资: 不管你是想要使您的投资组合多样化,或者想要一个稳定和安全的方式来投入英国基于精品葡萄酒的市场,这样的投资是您很好的选择。

个人量身定做的私人投资,最低投资基金是 200000 元,需要 3 至 5 年的合同。以组合筹资的方式投资,每人最低投资基金 100000 元,需要 5 年合同。想了解更多有关精品葡萄酒投资的详细信息,请阅读我们精心准备的 PDF 文档: 投资.

B.酒窖服务: 在您的家里或办公室中创建一个葡萄酒酒窖。我们不仅可以帮助您创建完善的环境来保护和展示您的葡萄酒,还可以帮你选购合适的葡萄酒,适合您的长期需求。

不确定哪种酒可以储存多长时间?担心你当前的葡萄酒可能已经太老或不适宜喝吗?您正在寻找特定的或者特殊的酒吗?没问题!我们只卖原装合法进口葡萄酒。没有 OEM 或重新包装的酒。我们可以提供所有中国法律文件的副本。

C.葡萄酒教育: 如果你正在寻找葡萄酒教育,你来对地方了。我们不仅提供逸香葡萄酒教育课程(课堂教学为主),我们还组织非常特别的品酒课程、 葡萄酒和食物配对,威士忌和白兰地酒品酒会,以及其他文化知识方面的活动。有兴趣可以进入网站文化部分了解详细信息。


What makes Gaudet Fine Wines., LTD. different from other companies is the professional level, and quantity of  wine related services we offer to our clients. Nowhere else in China can you find anything comparable! With nearly 20 years of experience in the wine industry in USA and China, we are the best resource at your disposal for all your needs, big or small.

Services for individuals:

A. Fine Wine Investing: Whether you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio or want a stable and safe way to invest into the UK based Fine Wines Market, this is for you.

The minimum investment for a tailored private investment fund is 200000 元 and requires a 3 to 5 years commitment. For a group fund the minimum investment is 100000 元 per person and requires a 5 years commitment. For more information about Fine Wine Investing I have prepared this PDF document for you: Investing.

B. Wine Cellar Services: Create a new wine cellar in your home or office. Not only can we help you create the perfect environment to help protect and display your wines, we will also help you choose the right wines to purchase that will fit your long term needs.

Not sure what wines can last for how long? Are you worried that some of your current wines might be too old or unfit to drink? Or perhaps you’re looking for a specific or special wine? No problem! We only sell original, legally imported wines. No OEM or relabeled bottles. We can provide copies of all Chinese legal documents.

C. Wine Education: If you’re looking for wine education, you’re at the right place. We not only offer EASE SCENT (classroom based) wine courses, we also organize very special Tasting Classes for wine, wine and food pairing, Whisky and Cognac Tastings as well as other culture oriented events. Visit the Culture page for more information.

D. Wine Tourism: Do you dream of visiting vineyards in Bordeaux or Australia but don’t speak the language? We can offer customized wine and culture themed tours specifically for you or your group including translators and arranging transportation and hotels. Let us worry about the details and enjoy your trip!

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