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Huizhou May 23rd tasting


我们品尝了十一款酒,包括:波尔多 (Fayau城堡,Boyrein城堡,Peyreblanque城堡)、 西班牙 (Estrella珍藏) 和澳大利亚 (Serene 蓝尊西拉) 等红葡萄酒。

除此以外,还有波尔多白葡萄酒 (Boyrein Blanc) 、西班牙雪利酒(Lustau Solera Reserva Puerto Fino, Lustau Solera Reserva Amontillado Los Arcos),苹果白兰地Calvados(Christian Drouin 40%) 和帝王姜酒The King’s Ginger (荷兰,41%)。

品酒之后,我们介绍了我们的新产品——Private Preserve,是一种惰性气体,产于加利福尼亚州纳帕,于1986年开始生产的一种红酒保险气体。我很高兴地说顾客对这种产品超乎想象地感兴趣。我们准备于7月初开始销售Private Preserve。

We held our latest wine tasting at a lovely bar in Huizhou (深谷幽兰) as we had a large number of  guests joining us. So a big thank you to them for their assistance.

We tasted: – Red wines from Bordeaux (Chateaux Fayau, Boyrein, Peyreblanque), Spain (Estrella Reserva) and Australia (Serene Shiraz)

– White wine from Bordeaux (Boyrein Blanc) as well as Spanish Sherry (Lustau Solera Reserva Puerto Fino, Lustau Solera Reserva Amontillado Los Arcos), Calvados (Christian Drouin 40%, Normandy France) and The King’s Ginger (Holland, 41%).

We then introduced our new product, Private Preserve inert gas, which is a wine preservation system from Napa California created in 1986. I’m pleased to say that the interest for this product was overwhelming. We should be ready to start selling it around early July in mainland China.

May 23rd Wine Tasting

来自西班牙的Lustau 雪利酒,在 欧洲 的#IWC2015 (国际葡萄酒挑战赛)中获奖最多的,共 45项奖,其中有10 枚金牌和 2 座奖杯。我们公司会于5 月 23 日(星期六)在惠州举办品酒会,届时将会介绍几种葡萄酒,包括 3 款 Lustau雪利酒。

Lustau Sherry from Spain, the most awarded winery in Europe at the #IWC2015 (International Wine Challenge) 45 awards, 10 Golds Medals, 2 Trophies. I'll be doing a wine tasting in HuiZhou on Saturday May 23rd and will be introducing several wines (more than 15!) including 3 Sherry from Lustau, Taylor's LBV Port as well as some wonderful Bordeaux.


Wine tourism ~ 葡萄酒旅游

5 月 1 日我与 Fayau 城堡 (波尔多) 的所有者的儿子见了面,我们讨论了关于组织从中国到法国的的议题。除了品尝许多美酒 (波尔多产) 和前往城堡参观 (总共有11处城堡),您还想做些什么,看些什么呢?有什么想要体验的特定的活动吗?在巴黎(Paris)购物几天吗?前往干邑(Cognac)或香槟(Champagne)吗?

On May 1st I had a meeting with the son of Chateau Fayau’s owner (Bordeaux), we discussed starting to organize wine tourism from China to France. Besides tasting many wines (in Bordeaux) and visiting the Chateaux (11 of them!), what would you like to do and see? Any specific activity? A few days of shopping in Paris? Visiting Cognac or Champagne?

Craft Beer Competition!

在惠州海滩的愉快周末!来自广东各地的工艺啤酒制造商在此举办IPA 啤酒竞赛。竞赛结束后我们提供了两个来自城堡 Fayau (波尔多)的葡萄酒和半甜起泡酒供大家品尝。下次再见 !

Great weekend at Huizhou beach! IPA beer competition with craft beer makers from all over Guangdong. And then I presented two Chateau Fayau (Bordeaux) wines (178ème red, and a rosé) and Garrone Dolcevita sweet sparkling wine for everyone to taste. Until next time!