Wine tourism ~ 葡萄酒旅游

5 月 1 日我与 Fayau 城堡 (波尔多) 的所有者的儿子见了面,我们讨论了关于组织从中国到法国的的议题。除了品尝许多美酒 (波尔多产) 和前往城堡参观 (总共有11处城堡),您还想做些什么,看些什么呢?有什么想要体验的特定的活动吗?在巴黎(Paris)购物几天吗?前往干邑(Cognac)或香槟(Champagne)吗?

On May 1st I had a meeting with the son of Chateau Fayau’s owner (Bordeaux), we discussed starting to organize wine tourism from China to France. Besides tasting many wines (in Bordeaux) and visiting the Chateaux (11 of them!), what would you like to do and see? Any specific activity? A few days of shopping in Paris? Visiting Cognac or Champagne?

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