May 23rd Wine Tasting

来自西班牙的Lustau 雪利酒,在 欧洲 的#IWC2015 (国际葡萄酒挑战赛)中获奖最多的,共 45项奖,其中有10 枚金牌和 2 座奖杯。我们公司会于5 月 23 日(星期六)在惠州举办品酒会,届时将会介绍几种葡萄酒,包括 3 款 Lustau雪利酒。

Lustau Sherry from Spain, the most awarded winery in Europe at the #IWC2015 (International Wine Challenge) 45 awards, 10 Golds Medals, 2 Trophies. I'll be doing a wine tasting in HuiZhou on Saturday May 23rd and will be introducing several wines (more than 15!) including 3 Sherry from Lustau, Taylor's LBV Port as well as some wonderful Bordeaux.


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