Private Preserve in China!

We are proud to announce that we will be the exclusive importer and distributor of Private Preserve (produced in California USA) wine preserver in China. We will start importing it shortly and expect sales to begin around July 2015.

Private Preserve is the original inert gas wine preservation system. Not only is it perfect for wine by the glass programs (bars, restaurants) it’s also a great accessory to have at home to allow you to keep your wine fresh for several weeks after opening. It is used by several top wineries and companies, including Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Gruaud Larose, Opus One, Mondavi and Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

If you would like to distribute Private Preserve in your city, please contact us for more information.

Craft Beer Competition!

在惠州海滩的愉快周末!来自广东各地的工艺啤酒制造商在此举办IPA 啤酒竞赛。竞赛结束后我们提供了两个来自城堡 Fayau (波尔多)的葡萄酒和半甜起泡酒供大家品尝。下次再见 !

Great weekend at Huizhou beach! IPA beer competition with craft beer makers from all over Guangdong. And then I presented two Chateau Fayau (Bordeaux) wines (178ème red, and a rosé) and Garrone Dolcevita sweet sparkling wine for everyone to taste. Until next time!